Magical Mantra Oracle Deck

50-card intuited oracle cards
with Sanskrit mantras

Breathe, Connect to your Intuition, Choose a Card.

Look at the picture, read the words and notice how you feel.

Chant the Sanskrit mantra. Not sure how?

Check out the webpage on the Guidelines Cards and listen to me chanting.

Use them daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you feel like changing how you’re feeling.



This mantra deck is comprised of all original art by Spirited Practice owner and alchemist, Jacqueline Morasco.


The deck is accompanied by a resource webpage with recordings of mantra chants and additional information.

“Magic is the art of changing consciousness at will.”

Dion Fortune

You have the power to change your life with some simple steps.

Look better | Feel better | Trust your intuition

Create Magic & Manifest


The Mantra Oracle cards are changing my life. I have not experienced the amount of calm or focus that these cards are bringing me in a very long time. Each morning, I pull a card and focus on that mantra for the day. I sing it in the shower. In the car as I’m driving. In my head when I’m needed to refocus on what I’m doing. In my head when I’m dealing with someone that needs more love than I have available at the moment. I’m feeling more connected to myself than I have in a long time. Even with the very simple mantras I’m able to feel this. I’ve given myself permission to learn the mantras by using the additional tool Jacqueline created that teaches me how they sound and the pronunciation. These cards feel good, sound good and they are beginning to create a space and wholeness I haven’t experienced in a very long time.

Heather R

Thank you so much for teaching the amazing yoga class at Westminster; it made me learn so much more about this amazingly restorative sanity-protecting discipline where we use the body to calm the mind and free the soul.

Samuel B.

Having taken a couple of Bars classes and about to become a Certified Facilitator in Access Consciousness®, I was still uncertain about some of the points on the head and that was a concern to me. I wanted to know what I was doing! Well, that all changed after Jacqueline’s class. She has a way of teaching that is clear, comprehensive, and supportive of being confident in your ability as a Bars Practioner. I recommend a lot of people to her class and I now even teach Bars and I’m very comfortable in sending people to her. She’s a master teacher, master healer, and her capacity with Bars is amazing.

Angela J.

I was using ritual in my life already but talked to Jacqueline about her program, Mind.Body.Alchemy, and decided I wanted to take my learning and ritual experience further. I knew she was the right one to teach me! She is a natural guide, very compassionate, and knows her material well. What I love is how she helps each one of us customize our own rituals to our unique situations and lives so that they work for us. There’s no one-size-fits-all and Jacqueline knows how to guide each one of us to where we want to be. She is a pleasure to work with and she created a fun, safe group to share our experiences in with a wide variety of supporting materials for us so that we can use all of our senses in our learning experiences — ebooks, videos, audio meditations and calls. It’s a great program that I’m enjoying very much!

Jen B.

I can’t say enough about Jacquline’s abilities to support my energetic and spiritual needs. Through the 21 Day Gratitude Challenge I was able to connect to the things that matter most to me. It was very grounding and I loved the ritual I created in my life during this time. I have also used Jacqueline for energy work over the past few months and so much has shifted in my life as a result. She intuitively able to tune into my body, mind and spirit and give my soul the energetic support it craves. She is fantastic at processing, and I leave feeling refreshed, revitalized and more in tune with my body and soul.

Carolynn B.

I recently started using Jacquline’s cards in my daily practice, as well as with my Yoga Therapy Teacher Trainings. Sometimes when I am looking for guidance I just draw a random mantra card and begin to chant it. I allow thoughts and emotions to come to me surrounding the issue I am having and the mantra. It helps me to get clarity. I also play fun games with the cards in my trainings. I bought 2 packs so that I could have students find their “mantra partner” and practice chanting together!

Amy W.