The Core Course:

Restore your Pelvic Floor,
Core and More

8-week Live Course



Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Leaks, Pelvic Pain, and Needless Shame and be Empowered to Embrace Your Life with Confidence

    Pelvic Care

    You don’t have to be afraid to leave the house any more.

    Imagine if you could:

    • Laugh or cough without fear of peeing your pants

    • Not have to keep an eye on the nearest bathroom to make a quick run

    • Throwaway your pads or depends and not worry about wet panties

    • Eliminate painful sex, lower back pain, and incontinence

      As I get older, I can sympathize with women my age and their need to cross their legs when they sneeze!

      I’ve spent my life helping women learn about energy, movement, sound and being safe and comfortable in their bodies.

      Yet, the topic of what happens “down below” in our private parts– yes, the pelvic organs, the vagina, uterus, bladder and rectum-after childbirth, aging and gravity on the female body is rarely discussed – at least not in public.

      We’re made to feel embarrassed about the subject, and I’m on a mission to end that!

      This all started with my personal experience of feeling something coming out of my vagina– and I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone. I was scared and even my doctor wasn’t sure what was happening. Luckily, she sent me to a specialist and the healing journey began.

      On my healing journey I took courses, met with a variety of professionals and experimented on what worked for my body. Since then, I have helped other women take control of their bodies and reclaim their independence. 

      What excites me most about this course is that it integrates and encompasses teachings from so many modalities-Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Physical Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energy Work, Shamanism, Mind-Body Medicine and more.

       I want to empower women to talk freely and comfortably about their bodies, and I want to teach you how to have more control over your bladder, your pelvic floor and your core, which means no more shame or embarrassment AND freedom to be pantyliner free.


      The Core Course: Restore your Pelvic Floor, Core and More

      This 8-week Live Online Course is designed to teach you all about your pelvic floor (muscle), organs and entire core so that you can confidently take control of your wellness and how you live your life.

      You will:

      • Start the new year without fear of leaving the house because you might lose control
      • Learn control over urine leakage-stress pee or fecal incontinence
      • Decrease back pain through strengthening core muscles
      • Support your pelvic organs so that…
      • Learn about your pelvic organs and how to care for them so you can…
      • Relieve pain during intimacy/intercourse to…
      • Improve bowel productivity and decrease constipation so…
      • Remove the shame game and get support and understanding for your healing 
      • Be seen, heard, and able to ask any questions without being made fun of or judged in our No Judgment Zone
      • Learn new self-care techniques that are sustainable for life

      The Core Course is for you if you: 

      • Experience incontinence (fecal or urine)
      • Stress pee-when you laugh, cough, sneeze
      • Have lower back pain
      • Experience pain with intimacy
      • Have Pelvic Organ Dysfunction or Pelvic Organ Prolapse
      • Suffer from Diastasis Recti (distended belly)
      • And more

      “I can’t say enough about Jacqueline’s abilities to support my energetic and spiritual needs. She is intuitively able to tune into my body, mind and spirit and give my soul the energetic support it craves.”

      Carolynn Bottino, Author of The Land of Plenty

        What we cover:


        MODULE 1: What is the Core? Why is it important?

        • Anatomy & Physiology including organs, muscles, and bones
        • How they all work
        • Understand why taking control of your pelvic floor and core is key in freedom from fear, pain and embarrassment

        MODULE 2: Self-Assessment, internal and external assessment

        • Complete a self-assessment
        • Externally and internally
        • Learn the 5 jobs of the pelvic floor and core and how to know if you’re doing them

        MODULE 3:  Soothing Self-care

        • Self-massage, scents, oils and baths
        • Sound
        • Breathing and movement
        • Relaxing, letting go
        • Natural Pain Relief

        MODULE 4:  Subtle Energy and Grounding

        • Lower chakras-emotions and trauma
        • Ancestral trauma
        • Releasing emotions

        MODULE 5:  Form and Function

        • Assess how you use your body in everyday life 
        • Learn how to sit, stand, go to the bathroom in a supportive way
        • Alignment

        MODULE 6: Strengthening the Core without Planks

        • Ways to strengthen to entire core 
        • Ways to strengthen the PFM
        • More about everyday life

        MODULE 7: Connect to Your Femininity

        • Movement and flow
        • Continuity
        • Discipline

        BONUS MODULE: Cycles and Rhythms

        • Moon cycles and the core
        • Natural Rhythms
        • Ceremony

        Plus, These Bonus Gifts!

        BONUS #1 Fast Action Bonus (First 5 registered)

        ✔  30-minute consultation with me to discuss your specific issues

        BONUS #2  

        ✔ Ancient Womb Healing Ritual and Meditation

        Join me for a sacred womb healing ceremony to release trauma and activate your power center.

        BONUS #3  

        ✔ Beautiful downloadable journal to keep track of your journey. 

        Here’s everything you get when you sign up for The Core Course: Restore your Pelvic Floor, Core and More:

        • Weekly live instruction and Q & A 
        • 8 modules of expert instruction and guidance 
        • Safe space
        • Life-time access to program
        • Let go of fear, shame, judgment
        • Lifestyle FREEDOM
        • Ancient Womb Healing Ritual and Meditation
        • Downloadable journal to keep track of your journey

        Feel confident, learn new self-care techniques and take control of your pelvic floor, core and more.


        What? 8-week course to learn to engage, support and control your pelvic floor muscles 

        Where? An Online Platform   

        When? TBD  

        Practice on your own and coursework in the private online platform.  Weekly Coaching, Q&A and instruction.

        Why?  I want to empower women to talk freely and comfortably about their bodies, and I want you to teach you how to have more control over your bladder, your pelvic floor and your core, which means no more shame, embarrassment AND freedom to be pantyliner free. 

        Investment for this introductory course? $333 

         One payment of $333 or 2 payments of $167


          ▪️ Start the new year without fear of leaving the house because you might lose control

          ▪️ Learn control over urine leakage-stress pee or fecal incontinence and be free from fear

          ▪️ Decrease back pain and move with ease

          ▪️ Support your pelvic organs to alleviate your symptoms

          ▪️ Learn about your pelvic organs and how to care for them so you can take control of your body

          ▪️ Can relieve pain during intimacy/intercourse to increase enjoyment 

          ▪️ Helps with constipation 

          ▪️ Get support for your healing and accountability

          ▪️ No Judgement Zone

          ▪️ Be Seen, heard, and ask any questions without being made fun of or judged

          • Secret Facebook group to connect with others and get your questions answered

            WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT

            Non-judgment Zone

            A safe space to share with people who’ve dealt with a similar issue.

            Current Information

            Expert and timely information that works!

            Live Q&A weekly 

            Lifetime Benefits

            Exercises that you can use and refine for the rest of your life.

            Lifetime access to the program content.

            Medical-Free Solution

            A solution to an issue you thought there wasn’t a solution-besides surgery or medication

            Alternative and Safe Exercises

            Medical and ancient yogic practices that work together to help free you from fear.

            Freedom from Shame

            Let go of shame and embarrassment and take control of your body.

            ABOUT Your Guide

            Jacqueline was trained as a sex educator in the late 80’s. At that time the focus was on youth, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy and eventually were about HIV and prevention.Through her own experiences she learned that no one wanted to talk about what was going on “down there”. 

             Jacqueline is out to change that stigma and wants to empower women to talk freely and comfortably about their bodies and teach them how to have more control over their bladder, pelvic floor, and core so they can feel confident and learn new self-care techniques.

             Jacqueline’s clients achieve whole-being wellness through a unique blend of the energy healing modalities, chanting, shamanism, natural and practical health concepts by creating simple, daily routines and rituals. She has over 25 years of energy work, teaching yoga, meditation and chanting to groups and individuals.

            Wondering if I’m the right teacher for you? Here’s what people are saying:

            “I have loved the knowledge I have gained from taking your classes and doing the cleanse. I feel that your yoga classes are different from any other yoga classes I have taken because of the addition of chanting and the special focus.” 

            – Marga

            “I think the most profound gain from working with you was having the chance to practice self-love/healing in a space that was completely inviting to do so.  Additionally, you “armed” us with the proper tools to cultivate that awareness and care of self.  You made the experience seem very inviting and manageable.  AND you gave us permission to “fail,” so to speak. I loved that the expectations weren’t black and white and that the focus was on growth, NOT perfection.”

            – Corinne

            “Your unconditional acceptance that everyone is where they are on that day or moment is so respectful and kind and frankly something I have trouble giving myself. It’s helped me, especially as I age, be kinder to myself. That you are close to my age is helpful. I don’t want instruction from much, much younger people who do not yet have the life experience to understand the changing body and the demands of midlife adulthood…”

            – JLD


              What are the benefits of participating in this program?

              Be gently guided to create change in your mind, body and Spirit in real time. You receive expert and up-to-date information. If you do the work, you will notice changes. Transform your fear into freedom.

              How much time do I have to put in on a weekly basis?

              That’s really up to you. Approximately 4-5 hrs if you show up for the calls, watch the videos and do your practice.

              What happens when the program ends? Will I have access to it?

              You have lifetime access. Most aspects of the program are downloadable from the student portal.

              What if I miss a session? Will I be able to access recordings?

              Everything is recorded and you can access them at any time.

              Do I need to be in good physical condition to do this program?

              No. You may need to check with your medical professional depending on your specific needs. We work with people of all ages and abilities.

              What if I don't want anyone to know I'm doing the program?

              Everything you share with me is confidential, and you choose how/if you want to interact with the group. One thing for sure is that having group support through change is powerful.

              What if I have other questions?

              Email if you have questions,

                If you have questions, please contact us at


                This class provides information to improve your health and well-being. It is not intended to substitute for a professional diagnosis or treatment. We cannot guarantee the outcome of the recommendations provided and our statements about potential outcomes are expressions of opinion only.


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