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I loved the knowledge I have gained from taking your classes and doing the cleanse. I feel that your yoga classes are different from any other yoga classes I have taken because the addition of chanting and the special focus. I really enjoyed the water class and although it was difficult for me I enjoyed the sun class as well. The cleanse helped me more than any other cleanse I have done because of the addition of your menu ideas and your expanded teaching, handouts, etc



I think the most profound gain from working with you was having the chance to practice self-love/healing in a space that was completely inviting to do so. Additionally, you “armed” us with the proper tools to cultivate that awareness and care of self. I think it’s easy to take to stance of “it’s too much” or “it’s too overwhelming” to try something like this. You made the experience seem very inviting and manageable. AND you gave us permission to “fail,” so to speak. I loved that the expectations weren’t black and white and that the focus was on growth, NOT perfection. And I can’t wait to do it again!



I think I have a greater awareness about my body in general, which carries over into other places in my life. Your unconditional acceptance that everyone is where there are on that day or moment is so respectful and kind and frankly something I have trouble giving myself. It’s helped me, especially as I age, be kinder to myself. Also in your classes I have learned to breathe – on a couple of levels. Yoga breathing has also allowed me to expand my overall fitness capacity. I could not ever run with any success in the path until I learned to breathe through yoga. 



What a wonderful mediation practice! Your voice is clear and pleasant leading me to a place of peace and relaxation. Your materials were well presented for support also. Can’t wait to continue the practice everyday! The last video was especially AMAZING! It was just perfect! Loved the meditation, loved the opening and closing, loved the chant. FABULOUS



I appreciate your guidance. My overall health has changed dramatically. I look and feel differently and can’t wait to continue on this path. I have just LOVED everything we do-the support, the yoga, the meditation, the cleanse-everything



I loved the cleanse and how I felt. I enjoyed daily interaction and inspiration from the cleanse master. My friends are impressed and intrigued. Heart you



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