Creating Harmony through

Self-Care Practices 

Rhythms, Rituals, and Routines.

What would it be like to connect with and understand your natural rhythm?
To move through life with ease and joy?

Discover what needs to be released.
Create the life YOU imagine.

Are you ready to embody who you truly are?


Our Mission


We started as a yoga business for every body because Jacqueline experienced the powerful changes possible through this ancient practice. It wasn’t and isn’t about yoga poses. It’s so much more.

Spirited Practice was born out of the desire to be inclusive of all the practices and energies that have shown up throughout our life times.

We also started as one person and have grown into a small team of people working together for the better good of self, others and the planet.

We at Spirited Practice are committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We believe that Black Lives Matter and are learning all that we can to truly BE ONE.

Our Mission is to help all Women feel safe and comfortable in their bodies through teaching Self-Care Practices. We believe it is possible-one connection at a time.

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