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I’m grateful that you are here. I’ve been dreaming about these cards for many years and they are truly inspired by Spirit.







What are Mantra Oracle Cards?

What are Mantra Oracle Cards? They are intuited oracle cards to use in your healing practice. You’ll find English and Sanskrit words. The English words on the cards are not the translations. If a translation exists for the Sanskrit, you’ll find it on here with the recordings of each mantra. Sanskrit words have many meanings and mantras can be translated into a variety of meanings. I have chosen ones given to me by my teachers as well as some standard translations.

How Do I Use Mantra Oracle Cards?

After you’ve removed the 4 guidance cards, shuffle the deck. Ask a question such as: What mantra will lead to my highest good? What do I need to work on right now? As you hold the question in your mind, choose a card. Many times when I choose cards, as it is part of my ritual, I like to be in my special, sacred place; light a candle; take a few centering breathes; and bring myself to a place of stillness before I ask my question. Once you choose a card, look at the picture, the words, and the mantra. Notice how it makes you feel. What words, images or thoughts enter your mind? If you’re not sure how to chant the mantra, come here to this site and listen to it. You can then choose to chant the mantra silently or aloud. Try both ways and see how you feel. Don’t worry if you’ve pronounced it perfectly. Your intention, as you chant, is what’s important. We each do the best that we can.

Mantra Meditation, What Is It?

In meditation we aim to join our mind with one thing—one-pointed focus. In mantra meditation, we repeat the sound as our focus. You may choose to let go of the sound at some point and just sit or you may choose to continually chant.

How Often Should I Chant a Mantra?

We suggest that you chant your mantra 3 times a day to start. Traditionally, 40 days was the recommended time to stay with a mantra. We suggest that you work with it for an extended period of time—a week, a month or 40 days. Some mantras I have literally worked with for years. Work with it until you feel complete and you’ve embodied the energy or attributes you desire. Many times when I’ve felt I was finished with a mantra, it was suggested by my teacher to continue a bit longer.

With the shorter chants, you might consider chanting it 108 times each day with a mala (prayer beads with 108 beads). Mala beads come in a variety of sizes and are made from natural seeds, stones, and wood. Whatever choice you make, remember, mantra chanting is part of a regular daily practice. If you choose to chant your mantra 3 times at each sitting, that’s perfect as long as you are present to the practice and do it consistently.

You may find that you want to work with a particular mantra or sound for a longer or shorter period of time. While sound works on a deeply subtle level, you may not see the change you desire as quickly as you expect. You may also notice changes happening more quickly and differently than you expected. Spirit does sometimes respond in unexpected ways.

Intention is everything with energy. Mantras are powerful and sacred. Treat them and yourself as such.

What is a Mala?

A traditional mala मल is made of 108 beads, usually natural materials, stone, bone, wood or seed. There is an additional larger bead, called a guru or meru bead. This bead holds space for you when you are chanting. It is also gathers your energy when you chant. Many religions use some sort of beads for prayer, recitation of verse or chanting, including Christians, Buddhists, Islam and Hindus. Using a mala does not have to be a religious practice.

How Do You Use a Mala?

A mala is generally used with a mantra मन्त्र, a sound or group of sounds. The beads are run through the thumb and middle finger.

Why not the index finger? The index finger is correlated to the individual soul or ego. The Middle finger represent peace or satva सत्व . When you reach 108, you turn around and go the other way if you want to continue. This way the energy builds in the guru bead. The mala allows the chanter to focus on their mantra and not keeping count of how many times they say the mantra.

Japa जप is the sanskrit word for the recitation of mantra. Most traditions believe that mantras should be given to the student from their teacher. Repeating a mantra can be a spiritual practice, it can be a meditation, it can soothe, heal and change the way you feel, think and are. It is recommended not to share your malas with other because the more you use them, the more they are charged with your energy. I do have some that I share with students, yet these are not the mala that I use for personal practice.

Why 108 beads? There are many reasons that the number 108 is considered sacred. SwamiJ has a substantial list if you are interested.

Why the Elements?

The Mantra Oracle Cards are divided into 5 equal areas of 5 elements Earth 1-10, Water 11-20, Fire 21-30, Air 31-40, Ether (or space) 41-50. This was how the cards came to me and correspond to the first 5 chakras in the human body. As part of my training is in Shamanism, science, Ayurveda and Yoga, it made sense to me on all levels of my being.

What Makes These Cards Different From Regular Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are typically used for spiritual guidance and divination. Mantra Oracle Cards are based on this same principle with the added feature of using sound healing once you’ve intuitively chosen your card.

Why Sanskrit Mantras?

A mantra is a word or sound that is repeated to transport the mind. Sound creates vibration that moves energy in a way that the physical body cannot. Sanskrit is an Ancient language that was designed to transform through its vibration. It works on all levels—mind, body, spirit, breath, and emotional bodies.

What Are the English Translations?
  1. Biij (seed) sound for muladhara, root cakra
  2. Yoga Sutra 1.36, When you focus on the light, you become the light.
  3. Biij mantra. No meaning. Notice the how it feels in your mouth and body.
  4. You are what you seek.
  5. Joy and Peace
  6. It’s not me; it’s not me; it’s not me. I surrender to something greater than me.
  7. Balance my male and female energies.
  8. I create what I focus on.
  9. God of fire grant me intellect.
  10. Biij mantra for the heart lotus or heart.
  11. Salutations. I surrender to that which removes darkness and leads me to light.
  12. Salutations. I surrender to the flow of water influenced by the moon.
  13. Patience, forgiveness
  14. The jewel of consciousness is in the heart’s lotus.
  15. I bow to the Divine Creator, the teacher within.
  16. I surrender to joy and pleasure.
  17. That is truth, reality and good.
  18. I bow to the Mother of all victorious ones, who embodies compassion.
  19. Salutations to the Great Lakshmi, goddess of abundance. I salute you.
  20. Biij sound for svadhishthana, the sacral cakra
  21. What I desire.
  22. Salutations I honor Durga, the protector.
  23. Biij mantra for Lakshmi, feminine energy of abundance
  24. I observe; I understand.
  25. biij sound for manipura, solar plexus cakra
  26. Salutations. I surrender to the great power of the Sun.
  27. Salutations. I surrender to the great Shiva, my inner being.
  28. I am.
  29. Exaltation. Victory. I surrender to the Divine Mother.
  30. Lead me from the unreal/untruth to the real/truth.
  31. Salutations. Wisdom.
  32. I am so that I am.
  33. Salutations. I am Divine Grace.
  34. Biij mantra. No real translation. Good
  35. biij sound of vishudda, the throat cakra
  36. I am Divine Love.
  37. Let the light of friendship shine through me and invite others in.
  38. I humbly bow to that that I am.
  39. May my thoughts and actions contribute to the happiness and freedom of all.
  40. Salutations. Peace for me, peace for you, peace for all.
  41. I am the Divine feminine/Mother.
  42. I surrender to bliss and am detached from the outcomes of my actions.
  43. Biij mantra to balance masculine and feminine energies and attraction.
  44. I am in harmony with the Universe/cosmic law.
  45. I surrender to/honor the power of the Sun, dispeller of darkness.
  46. Source. The original sound. Biij mantra for anja cakra, 3rd eye
  47. May all become happy.
  48. I Surrender to a Higher Power. Yoga Sutra 1.23
  49. One who knows that water is the source of flowers, will have flowers.
  50. Salutations. I surrender to the great Ganesh, remover of obstacles.


How Will Chanting Help Me and the Planet?

All of my loves and passions are integrated into these cards. I believe that we are all one and connected on a cellular level. Vibration moves through our cells and creates change, changes that our Planet and we as living beings on our Planet need. Know that when you chant, you are not only healing yourself through sound, as you learn to focus and calm your mind, you are helping everyone living thing around you.

Could A Mantra Work if Spoken in Your Native Language?

Absolutely, yet the vibration would be different.

If you have questions or concerns about the cards, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]