Naturally Clean E-Book



Learn how to replace toxic chemical cleansers with natural cleaning products you can easily make yourself.

By Jacqueline Morasco



We are such trusting beings. The cleaning products we buy from the store with the pretty labels and lavender scents are all assumed to be safe, right? I mean, why would a store sell you something that is harmful? Why would someone make a product that is dangerously toxic?

The sad truth is, the majority of harmful toxins in your household are more often than not, found right under your kitchen sink. The fragrances in air fresheners and dish soap and even toilet paper can disrupt your endocrine system and certain ingredients found in dry-cleaning solutions and carpet cleaners are known to be neurotoxins. What’s worse, the companies who make these products don’t have to disclose these toxic ingredients if they claim that they are proprietary to the product!

In this book, we’re going to look at a few of the harmful ingredients found in household cleaning products and learn how we can make our own all natural cleaners that actually work.