Pre-Order-Wake Up: The Star Sisters’ Guide to Creating Sacred Habits and Soulful Practices


Wake Up: the Star Sisters’ Guide to Creating Sacred Habits and Soulful Practices. 35 years of practice in one place.

Pre-order your signed copy today. Shipping and tax are included in the purchase price.

I have been working on this book, well, most of my life. These practices started for me when I got sober almost 35 years ago. I just received the final edits back, and it will go to the publisher this month.

WAKE UP introduces you to a number of concepts, rituals and practices that will ground you and connect to your inner guide and Spirit—so you can be more intentional in your life and do the work in the world you were meant to do. Combining Ancient and modern concepts, WAKE UP encourages you to not only shift your perspective, but also to shift your most deeply ingrained habits.

I believe that we can create a harmonious planet with equity and abundance for all and that we can get there by changing our thoughts and our habits.

There are two choices for the pre-sale, a digital version or a personalized signed copy of the book (to be mailed in mid-September) with free shipping.

A virtual launch party is tentatively scheduled for my 35th sobriety anniversary on 10/1/2020 as well as an online program to follow shortly after. These will be available to get the work out about the book and to support you in applying the principles in the book to your daily life.

I will keep you posted on the publication and launch details as soon as I have them. If you want to be one of the first to have my book, to pre-order your copy today!

I need your help to get the book into the hands of as many readers as possible. If you know of someone who might benefit from reading this book, please forward this email to them, or better yet - buy them a copy! I will also be posting on social media, so feel free to share.

Thanks for your love and support.

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