Welcome to Month Four of Mind Body Alchemy!

Mindset is how we think about ourselves and how we think about doing everything. Some of it is conscious yet much of it is not.

This month is about ramping up our mindset–whether it’s your self image, your money, your business, or your relationships–all of it is affected by your thinking.

We’ll start with a contract to COMMIT to a Mindset Makeover.

Re-Futuring Meditation

by Jacqueline. | Homework: As you listen to this meditation, take notes. Draw a picture of your future life and share on FB

Mindset Prep Meditation

by Jacqueline Morasco | Listen to the recording from our Month 4 group call and manifestation meditation.

To download the files, right mouse click on the button above and choose ‘save as’ to download the file.

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