Welcome to my new blog on tips I share with my students, and now you, to help with a yoga practice, health and wellness and life in general. Thank you to all the teachers and writers who have shared ideas with me. When I know who shared knowledge with me, I will let you know. My first tip is for the winter season, although I do this practice throughout the year. Many cultures have known for centuries that oiling the body and hair keeps your skin (part of the integumentary system, which includes skin, hair and nails) feeling smooth and supple, your hair less frizzy, stronger and healthier, and your nails strong. The type of oil that you use depends on your body type, access and preference. My ancestors used olive oil, some Polynesian and Far Eastern cultures preferred coconut oil, African, Indian and Arabic cultures have used sesame oil and the list goes on. In Ayurveda, the practice of self oiling and massage is called abhyanga. Using slightly heated oil of your choice, massage into your body and leave it on for as long as you can. I do my asana practice and then shower. Next post, I will discuss types of oils, when not to use oil, and how to apply oil. Also important, how to care for your towels and space when oiling.