What does it mean to eat clean? 
There’s a lot of talk these days about “eating clean.” 6 different things come to mind (This is not an all-inclusive list) that we can consider when choosing our food:

1. Where and how is the food handled?
How far away did the food travel from? How was it caught or grown?

2. Was the food prepared with love?
Happy cook = Happy food

3. Is it food that supports my needs (nutrients, allergies, etc.)?
Is my body cannot digest milk, it is not good for me. If your body can digest milk, then you want to choose milk from cows that have been treated well, without the use of hormones and drugs.

4. How processed is the food? 
Potatoes contain more nutrients than potato chips. Remember though that not all processing is bad.

5. Does it have additives? Hormones, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors, preservatives.

6. Is the packaging safe and environmentally friendly? Is it stored in a plastic that seeps into the food?

What are cleaner foods we can eat?
Fresh, local and in season fruits and vegetables
Nuts, seeds, beans, cold-pressed organic oils
Unrefined grains, 
wild-caught fish, hormone-free dairy and meats

Why is eating clean important? There is a lot of controversy over what we should and should eat. Most of the research supports eating as close to nature as possible with lots of vegetables, some fruit and grain, and healthy protein and fat.

If you’ve been eating a lot of processed food as well as putting toxic things (think cleansers, air pollution, drugs, items used on your skin) into, around, and on your body, maybe it’s time to do a whole foods cleanse. I will be leading one for the month of March. Register Here.
What are some of the benefits of regular cleansing with whole foods? Sleep better, feel better, brighter, clearer skin, lose weight, think more clearly and so much more.

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I’d love to hear about your experiences with eating clean and/or cleansing.