Helpful Pitta-Balancing Habits

It’s been really warm this summer in Utah and I’ve found myself being affected by it often.

How do I know?

My patience is minimal, I don’t want to move a lot unless it’s in or near water, I’m only interested in fresh fruits and veggies, and anger, which I don’t experience often, has been rearing its uncomfortable head. Some other Pitta signs that I don’t generally experience are rashes, loose bowels, heartburn and aggressive behavior.

Keeping cool in Pitta Season:

Especially if you are predominantly Pitta or have a Pitta imbalance, consider some of the following helpful and healthful habits. If you’re not sure of your Ayurvedic Constitution, you can go here and go to “Create your Ayurvedic Profile.”

  • Exercise in early morning or evening. Consider rigorous exercise only when it’s cool.
  • Drink lots of water and cool, sweet juices like watermelon, cucumber, rose, lettuce and coconut water.
  • Restorative yoga poses: like supported savasana or supta salamba baddha konasana

  • Rest and apply a cool moist washcloth on the forehead
  • Spend time in water—even soaking your feet in cool water helps
  • Use cooling spices and foods such as coriander, cumin, fennel, mint, cardamom, lime, avocado, and coconut
  • Avoid ice and frozen foods because they hinder the digestive fires.
  • Consider cool or warm over hot or cold
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods, hot peppers, garlic, onions, radishes, ginger
  • Consider brewing tea and letting it cool before drinking
  • Avoid fried, canned, processed foods and alcohol
  • Consider fresh, local and organic foods
  • Gentle abhyanga (self-massage) with coconut or sunflower oil
  • Let go of control, surrender to life.

So I’d love to hear how your summer is going and other things that you do to keep cool.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.