Waking to a snow-covered landscape is akin to the feeling of crawling under the heavy pile of blankets on my bed. Mixed feelings abound. Do I want to stay in bed all day? (not really feasible) or Do I want to go roll in the snow? (more likely to happen later in the day)

So instead I do my daily cleansing routine, put on hot water, and do a long, slow asana practice while the rest of the house sleeps. There was even some time for a short sit or meditation practice. Then I had to write.

We’ve been doing a meditation practice in my Saturday classes around abundance and generosity, thanks to Nancy’s suggestion. The idea is that each person would choose what they would like an abundance of and who or what it would be for in a way of sharing our wealth.

Even though we have only been doing the practice for a month, I wanted to share my experience. Recently retired from teaching school, I am now a freelance yoga therapist, teacher, writer, and presenter. I have been offered a number of jobs that I really want, my partner has worked with me to create a great space in our home to teach small classes (I had a space already that would not work for group classes), and I have the desire and energy to write. Writing has been a passion for most of my life along with singing and drawing.

If I were you, I’d be wondering what the practice is. Ha, ha, you’ll have to come to class. Only kidding, I am cursed with Middle School Teacher humor so pardon me.

After doing some asana (maybe some sun salutations) and pranayama (we’ve been working with extending our exhales), take a seat, make sure you sit in a comfortable fashion where your spine is upright and you’re not likely to slouch.
Set your intention or sankalpa. Commit to the practice and decide what your focus of abundance and generosity is.

Say three Om’s to warm up your lungs and voice.
Place your hands below your navel and chant:
Om shrim shriyai namah
3 times
Place your hands over your heart and chant 3 times
Place your hands on your head and chant 3 times

Sit and reflect on what you’d like to have an abundance of
Ask yourself what are your obstacles to receiving this abundance

Sit for as long as you can 5-15 minutes focusing on your object of abundance. If you find your mind wandering, chant.

Thank your body, mind and spirit and the universe for supporting you through the practice and offer any benefits you receive from the practice to those in your life or as I’ve been doing, to the entire planet.

Do some gentle asana like vajrasana vinyasa. And head out to your day.

As soon as I figure out how to post my stick figure drawings, I will add some.

Feel free to post anything that comes up or questions that you have.