I’ve been singing probably as long as I could talk. I remember forcing my family to pay for concerts that I put on in our living room. Granted it was on a nickel, but…

As I’ve shared in a previous post, because of singing, I have a natural attraction and affinity for chanting. Chanting is similar to singing, but it is not the same. The list of benefits below is specifically for chanting even though some are occur with singing as well. My experience has shown me that I receive many more positive affects from chanting than I did from singing even though through singing still makes me feel good.

I like most kinds of chanting and many of the benefits of chanting happen no matter which kind you do. Chanting:

1. Makes me feel good
2. Allows me to breathe more easily
3. Has extended my exhale immensely
4. Tones my abdominal muscles
5. Calms my nervous system
6. Helps develop my memory and focus
7. Is a breathing practice
8. Is a concentration practice
9. Can be a meditation practice or part of one
10. Increases clarity
11. Helps set intention
12. Enhances physical and emotional health
13. Normalizes adrenal and cholesterol levels
14. Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
15. Allows me to move to a place beyond ordinary perception
16. Makes me hungry; increases digestive fire
17. Increases body temperature
18. Calms my animals and crying children
19. Makes my body vibrate
20. Changes my energy level

I know this is a long list (not all inclusive) and not in any specific order, and truly chanting is amazing. You may not receive all of these benefits, but I guarantee, with regular (daily) chanting you will attain many of these benefits. Seek a qualified teacher to guide you especially at the beginning. Chanting can be very challenging and it’s worth the effort. I’d love to hear about others experiences.