The full moon is barely visible yet the pull it has on my heart this Valentine’s Day is palpable. I light the candle to prepare for the exciting month ahead. I set the intention to clear any thing that stands in the way of my heart’s desire, to guide my students. I say aloud to the universe,

‘On this full moon of my lion brother, Leo, please light my way, please guide me and my students down the path of life, of cleansing, of healing.

I focus on the light, the fire of the candle, to burn away any obstacles that stand in the way of our moving towards our goals.
Vishoka va joytishmati. When I focus on the light, I am filled with light. I focus on the light for a long time. Namaste.

Trataka, candle gazing, is a meditative practice where we focus on flame of the candle. According to Shloka 2.32 of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, “Trataka eradicates all eye diseases, fatigue and sloth and closes the doorway to these problems.”

I do suggest trying new practices with the support of a knowledgeable teacher.
For more information about trataka, an article from Yoga International:

Candlelight Insight: Trataka

BY Natalya Podgorny ON May 7, 2013

This simple technique has a purifying, invigorating effect on the mind and improves concentration.