Arp 81: 2 galaxies collide, NASA

What happens when our worlds collide? For many of us it’s when everything seems to fall apart. Yet given some support or nourishment maybe those two things can work together. 
Combing the scientist and the healer in me has been a blessing. At first it seemed like a disconnect. How could a scientist believe in all this woo-woo stuff? Then I realized, the scientist in me could prove that maybe this “woo-woo” wasn’t so crazy after all. Each endeavor whether it be herbs and concoctions or chanting, I come to with an open mind and the scientific method and things work or they don’t. I’ll admit that I do believe in some things that can’t be proven and I’m okay with that now as well.

So much of my life has been learning about and sharing how to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits. I write often about nourishment because underneath it all, it’s what we all need whether or not we think so.  

For this Earth week I offer you a chant:        om vardhanam namah
which translates loosely to ”I nourish the universe and the universe nourishes me.”

Whether you’re outside tending the garden, hiking in the mountains, walking the dogs, whatever it is you do to nourish yourself and the planet, quietly chant these soothing words. Know that it’s not always explosive when two worlds combine, it’s meant to be to rock and change our world. Open your heart to receiving and giving. We are nourished as is our universe.

Please share any nourishing chants, recipes, activities or ideas. We all NEED them.