Sleeping Like a Teenager

There are 2 things my main things my students ask, no beg, for help with. I’m going to talk about the first one today–sleep. In our busy, electronic age, it’s getting harder and harder for people to unwind and sleep deeply for the required amount of time their bodies need. 

I’ve listed tips in a previous post, Trouble sleeping–look no further. Here I’d like to offer you another useful tool, mantra. Besides not using electronics before sleep, mantra with focused breathing has been the most effective tool for myself and many of my students.

I have used mantra for many years in my yoga, chanting and meditation practice. Traditionally, a mantra is a sound or phrase given to you by your teacher. You repeat it and feel the qualities of the sounds in your body; your mind is also able to focus on the sound alone. I like using Sanskrit mantras, but you can use any sound or word as long as it doesn’t contain any negative connotation for you.

Mantra is also a useful tool for falling asleep or going back to sleep if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night.  When choosing a mantra for sleep, it’s important that the sound not raise your energy, trigger emotion or cause you to think. I like using single syllables like, ॐ Om or short phrases such as सोहुं so hum–inhaling so exhaling hum; it’s similar to saying, “I am.” You might also choose a word in your native language that means Peace, Calm, or Tranquil. 

Repeat the word silently as you exhale over and over again. Don’t give up too soon. Remember that it takes time for your body and mind to get used to a new practice.

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Happy ZZZZ…Let me know if it works for you!