Relationship-building: from a student
  1. increase self-awareness
  2. stress reduction
  3. increases serotonin
  4. decreases cortisol levels
  5. decreases heart rate
  6. lowers respiration
  7. increase red blood cell production
  8. improves relationships 
  9. feel better
  10. be happier
  11. feel calm
  12. decrease blood pressure
  13. lower hypertension
  14. lower blood sugar
  15. increase immunity
  16. sleep more deeply
  17. reduce anxiety
  18. increase energy                                  Click the link below.
  19. increase productivity                          Join me. Develop a Personal Mediation Practice.
  20. develop your intuition
  21. know how to handle situations that used to baffle you
  22. enhances healing
  23. improve performance (mental and physical)        
    Meditation reduces stress

  24. heal faster
  25. control weight
  26. increase creativity
  27. reduce aging
  28. thinking more clearly
  29. decrease anger and aggressiveness
  30. promotes wellness and well being
  31. helps with addictions
  32. improves attitude
  33. changes perspective
  34. build confidence
  35. ability to visualize more easily
  36. feel more comfortable with who you are and your situation in life
  37. increases ability to deal with all situations
  38. reduces fear and overwhelm
  39. requires no materials
  40. once you learn how to mediate, it’s free
  41. reduce pain levels
  42. increased focus
  43. increased ability to concentrate
  44. builds compassion for yourself and others
  45. greater job satisfaction
  46. relax more easily
  47. feel a greater connection to the planet and the beings on the planet
  48. transform your life
  49. transform your body
  50. transform your relationships

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself. Join me. Develop a Personal Mediation Practice. In 28 days I guarantee you will feel better and be on your way to achieving many of the benefits above.