The shortest day of the year, winter solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere has been celebrated since ancient times. Pagans, Christians and other religious and Earth-loving groups have celebrated in various ways.

My favorite way to celebrate is with my moon sisters around a fire, chanting, sharing stories, and drinking hot tea. When that not a possibility, I create my own ritual that intuitively comes to me. 

Many of my ideas have been shared or passed down. Most are inexpensive. Choose 1 or more from the list below and celebrate. 


Moon Salutation
  • share a meal with family and/or friends
  • light a candle, or a candle for each person there
  • remember the year and what you are grateful for
  • share stories from the year 
  • have a small fire and burn some dried herbs (depending on Air Quality)
  • make an offering to the Earth 
  • write a poem
  • paint a picture
  • sing or chant alone or with friends (ॐ सोमाय नमः om somaya namah) loosely translated-I surrender to the power of the moon.
  • spend time in nature
  • plant a seed indoors
  • do some moon salutations
  • meditate contemplating the New Moon (darkest moon)
  • observe how you are feeling
  • offer small, homemade gifts to neighbors, family or friends


Because you’re happy to be alive. Because winter is on it’s way. Because it’s tradition. Because it’s a way to honor Mother Earth. Because you can.
I’d love to hear about how and if you choose to celebrate the Solstice.