Some of my friends were freaking about about Mercury, the planet, going retrograde. I kept hearing, “Oh, it’s Mercury’s fault,” when things didn’t go right, especially with electronics. For me, it’s a time to slow down, reflect, watch my dreams, and be patient.

Personally, I found myself unable to write for 2 weeks. Normally writing is a non-issue for me. Now that Mercury will turn direct on June 11th, we will all find ourselves gushing with new ideas and being able to talk about them.  

I woke up this morning determined to get a few posts and emails written, and sure enough, it’s happened. 

Mercury goes retrograde three times a year. Historically according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it is a time of delay, confusion and frustration as well as a time of heightened intuition. 

Larry Schwimmer at HuffPost, writes about the many positive things that happen during Mercury Retrograde. 

1. Finding Lost Items 
2. Hearing From People in Your Past 
3. Hearing From Old Clients or Employers 
4. Finishing Old Projects 
5. Polishing Up a
Great Idea
6. Running Stress-Free Meetings
7. Discovering Problems You Can Finally Fix
8. Learning the Truth 
9. Corruption is Exposed 
10. You’ll Laugh More
You can find his full article here.
It would be great to hear any stories of how things worked for you throughout the last 3 weeks. Post below!