Every day we are responsible for making many decisions. Some decisions are more important than others–meaning some affect who we are, the people in our lives and can be life-threatening or life-enhancing. 

No matter what–ALL of our decisions though affect how we feel!

What if you could make decisions that were best for you, on your purpose and that would lead you to the life you always dreamed of?

5 Easy Steps to Make Decisions
1. Ask your question out loud. It’s important to speak your words–even if it’s inside your head. Write them down if you need to clarify them. 
2. Clarify your options. Use a PRO and CON list if needed. Say your options out loud. Notice how your body feels with each answer? Does it feel light or heavy? Do you feel good? Sometimes when fear pops up, we think that’s a no. That isn’t the case. 

Live Workshop

3. Will this choice lead you where you want to go and how you want to feel? Are there any consequences?
4. Make your choice and do it.
5. Look at the results. Evaluate. Would I make this decision again?

It’s not always easy to make decisions. I have loved using the Desire Mapping Process created by Danielle LaPorte so much so that I became a facilitator. 

Why? In the past, I used this decision-making process and it worked. What was missing that I never thought about how I wanted to feel once I reached my goal. Listen to me talk about DM.

Now that I know how I want to feel once I reach my goal, decision making is that much easier.

I am offering a Virtual Workshop to go through the Desire Mapping Process with me live. For more information you can click here. If you have questions, please schedule a Complimentary Call here.
I’d love to hear about your decision-making process.