Lately I’ve heard a lot of talk about Dharma. Most of the people I encounter talk about dharma as our life’s purpose or even our primary profession. Patanjali gives us the yamas and niyamas as a guide for living well, which is dharma. 

According to Google, in Hinduism, dharma is the cosmic principlevirtue, righteousness, and duty, especially social and caste duty in accord with the cosmic order, and in Buddhism, dharma is the teaching or religion of the Buddha, one of the fundamental elements of which the world is composed.
Have you ever thought about:

  •  why you’re here on Earth
  •  why you have your unique set of skills
  •  your family and the circumstances you grew up in
  •  why particular types of people or relationships keep showing up in your life?

I’ve worked through many practices, read lots of books and articles, participated in workshops and hired various helpers to find these answers.

Truly, though, no one knows about you or me. Our answers are found within each of us if we become still enough to hear the answers.

Take some time to be quiet each day–maybe in the morning before things become to busy or take a few moments around your mid-day break and then again, some time before you sleep.

Ponder the answers to these questions. The answers are within. 

Most humans do think about these things often. Some of us think about them more than others. Some of our religions or spiritual teachings discuss aspects or give us directives regarding these questions. There are also people, teachers, guides, mentors, coaches who are available to help us gain clarity. The answers are within. Guides are just that.

What is your dharma? What is the cosmic reason for your existence? If we are headed on a positive path, is that enough? 
This discussion barely scratches the surface; I’d love to continue this conversation below.