Each day I wake up and move into my meditation practice. Why? Because if I don’t do it first thing, it might not happen. Even after years of practice, I can still be distracted–it’s embarrassing to admit.

Make a list of your distractions:
FB, family, friends, calls, texts, email, cleaning, TV, anything that interferes with you getting your stuff done.

Once you know what you want to do, which is a very big first step, then you have to create the environment for it to happen.

  1. Attach your new habit to an existing on. (I wake up; I meditate.)
  2. When you catch yourself off task, immediately let it go and go back to the task. (Alert beeps on phone and pulls me out of my meditation, I come back to the meditation.)
  3. Set yourself up for success. (Next time I turn off my alerts or my phone before I begin.)
  4. Continue you doing what you set out to do until you achieve the desired results. (Know that this may be a long, long time.)
  5. Evaluate and decide whether or not to continue. (Do I feel better when I meditate? Is my life calmer? Am I more focused? Yes.)

    I realize that for so of us the task may be too great–being distracted while driving, at work, while spending time with our kids–yet, it’s worth it to train our mind.

    Can we train our minds? Absolutely. 

    How long does it take? It varies from habit to habit and person to person.

    One of the most important parts of working with individuals is helping them to figure out and follow through with changing their habits. Interested in learning more about how I can help you, schedule a complimentary wellness chat.

    I’d love to hear about your challenges and successes! Comment below.