What do you see as you look at the clouds? We all have different ways of interpreting the same thing.


Imagine if you had someone talking through you what would they tell you. Maybe they would tell you how to live life– things that would be helpful to yourself or other people. Maybe they would tell you about the fountain of youth and things to stay youthful. Maybe it would be information about pleasures that you seek yet you rarely seem to find or are satisfied with. 

Why am I not satisfied?

Because we don’t know what we want—most of us, really don’t know.

How do I get clear on what I want?

We spend time alone with our thoughts.

How can I be alone with our thoughts when I am so busy?

You make time—setting 5-30 minutes a day. I like to spend some time in the morning and evening each day. Sometimes there is even time in the idle of the day to spend time alone. You might sit or walk in nature, yet you are alone, quiet and present in the moment. 

Then, we live life. We listen in those quite times and we follow the steps of how and who we are intended to be in our lives. 

There is too much to do and too many distractions in our every day life. 

Well, that’s when you have to ask yourself what is really important. Do you truly want to find happiness—and I don’t mean to acquire things. Do you really want to be truly happy no matter what your situation is?

If the answer is yes, then read on. 

Ok so I spend some time alone. What do I do during that time?

You sit or move. You listen to your thoughts. You imagine and create.

But that’s just my monkey mind moving about in all directions.

Yes at the beginning it will be that. Give it time though. Once you create the discipline and continue with the process, your mind will start to slow down a bit.

Clear imagines, words and thoughts will begin to surface.

What then?

Then you write stuff down; you draw pictures. You move your body and see which thoughts take hold.

What about all those negative thoughts that start to pop up?

Great question.

We always have a choice. Note you are thinking a negative thought. Acknowledge it and then invite the negative thoughts pass through like a leaf floating down a river. You may even invite the positive thoughts to float by as well. You choose which thoughts you want too keep and which thoughts you want to grow.

You always have a choice.

More questions or thoughts. Please comment below. Let’s start a conversation.