Remember a time when you were happy, sad, in love, whenever we feel emotion, our heart cakra is involved, anahata cakra. This cakra is located at our heart center and is the bridge between the lower more stable cakras and the higher, more ethereal cakras making it’s main job to maintain equilibrium body, mind and spirit. Interestingly we can help support physical ailments of the heart through taking care of this energy center.

If you’ve been judgmental of self or others, feeling separate or sad, work on anahata can help you. Heart and lung disorders, food allergies and high blood pressure are all directly related to this cakra.

Some connections to anahata cakra:

Biij (seed) sound: YAM

Color: Green

Element: Air

Sense: Touch/skin

Mudra: Hridaya Mudra- place the tip of the finger at the base of the thumb, connect the middle and ring fingers to the tip of the thumb, the pinky remains straight. Place your hands palm-side up on your thighs as you sit quietly.

Any poses that open the chest such as ustrasana and other backbends, as well most pranayama (breathing) practices support this energy center. Remember to be aware of the sensations in your back as you move into even the gentlest of backbends. It will do you no good to open your chest if you are compromising another part of your body.

Woman in Yoga Position

Eating green is supportive of heart center health as well as gentle forms of exercise that get your heart pumping, deep breaths in fresh air, being outdoors, and even being helpful to others through giving support, money or kind thoughts.

I love that I am writing this post the week before Valentine’s Day. I’d like to say I planned it that way, but I did not.

Anahata governs our connections and our relationships. How many times have you heard stories of someone passing shortly after their long-time partner has passed? I have heard many. Is it physical or energetic? I would say both.

What are you doing to support your heart health? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

PS-If you live in the SLC area, I will be doing cakra clearings at the Mystic Fair on February 27.