If you know me, you know that I love to talk, chant, sing; I love expressing myself through my voice. When I was younger, and still sometimes today, it didn’t always feel safe to speak my truth. A number of times, while being honest and direct, I was punished. I had not learned the skill of discernment. 

Have you ever had a sore throat? Laryngitis? Thyroid? Wanted so desperately to say something, but the words wouldn’t come out? Or even worse, you couldn’t control what came out of your mouth? Chances are you were feeling the affects of visuddha cakra (pronounced vishuddha and means pure). This cakra also is connected to the ears, mouth, truth and how we relate to people. Visuddha is located at the base of the throat and is the 5th cakra. 

Some connections to visuddha cakra:

Biij (seed) sound: HUM

Color: Blue

Element: Space or Ether

Sense: Sound

Mudra: Granthita Mudra- interlace the pinkies, ring and middle fingers. Create two inter-locking circles with the index fingers and thumbs. Hold this mudra to the base of the throat resting your elbows on the chest. Picture flow, space and openness in the throat.

Granthita Mudra

If you are someone who talks to much, you might consider Gyan Mudra for it’s soothing properties. Click here to learn more.

Asanas that support the throat cakra are shoulder stand (sarvangasana), plough pose (halasana), and camel pose (ustrasana), which I discussed in my previous post.

Woman in Yoga Position


Jalandhara bandha, a gentle tilt of the head towards the neck, is also helpful in maintaining energy flow while practicing poses where appropriate (samasthiti, dandasa, etc.). For beginning students, I suggest keeping your head in alignment with the spine. 

Fresh air, open space, blue skies, clothing and stones all support visuddha. Self expression through writing, art, dance and other fun activities also lead us to our truth as well as listening to music and sound you find soothing. 

Eating clean, organic, healthy food is important for our whole system-body, mind and spirit. If you are interested in learning about eating cleanse through a month-long whole foods cleanse, click here for details:  WAKE UP FROM WINTER16

When we are creative, connected, listening (really listening—not waiting so we can respond), visuddha is flowing well. How’s your flow? I’d love to hear about it below.