The brow cakra also called the Third Eye, ajna cakra, is the 6th and is located between the eyebrows. It is the command center that connects us to our higher consciousness and inner knowing. Interestingly it connects to the pineal gland, which is the command center for the endocrine system and therefore is connected to our hormones. 

So what happens when all is going well with this aspect of our subtle energy, well, we might be disciplined, intuitive, emotionally mature, we may be able to literally see things that our eyes can’t see. These traits and skills can be developed over time.

If there is an imbalance, you might experience migraines, all issues related to the brain, eyes, ears, and spine. You might be depressed, have trouble sleeping, addictions and emotionally immature.  

Some connections to ajna cakra: 

Biij (seed) sound: Aum

Color: Indigo

Element: Sight

Sense:  Telepathy and empathy

Mudra:  Gyan Mudra, gentle touching the thumb to the index finger 

Practices and asana that support ajna cakra include: Yoga Nidra, a guided practice that leads you to a deeper place of consciousness; Inversions that are safe and appropriate for your body, including headstand; and balasana (child’s pose). 

Palming can be done in a seated or prone position. How? Rub hands together to create warmth. Gently place cupped hands with fingers touching over eyes with the heel of the hands on the cheek bones and finger tips on the forehead, while you keep the eyes closed for 12 breaths, is a practice that is soothing to the entire nervous system.



There are some basic things we can do to support ajna cakra. One is spending time in the sun, getting enough sleep, doing a regular meditation practice, and a clean toxin-free diet.

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