How connected do you feel to the Divine—Goddess, God, Spirit, Mother Earth? If there’s a disconnect, you may want to explore sahasara cakra, the 7th cakra located at the crown of the head.

When our energy flows freely from below to above and from above to below, we experience a sense of peace and wonder. We are able to be alone as well as to interact with others. We can let go of our attachment to things. If there is a block in this cakra, we might not be open or able to receive messages from above or connect with our inner knowing. We might get headaches, have trouble sleeping, be depressed, anxious, lazy, exhausted and lack self-control. Many people struggle with knowing their path, trusting themselves and their inner guidance. All of these things can be related to this cakra. 

Some connections to sahasara cakra:

Biij (seed) sound: Silence or AH

Color: Violet or White

Element: Bliss

Sense: Divine Connection

Mudra: Anjali Mudra is formed by placing the hands together with fingers and thumbs touching and a small space between the palms. You can place the hands at the heart, forehead or overhead. 


Practices that support sahasara are a regular sitting practice in any form and for any amount of time. If you have wanted to start a sitting practice, I am offering an online meditation course during the month of April. (Click here for more details):  Meditation2016flyer. For my reader, I am offering a special $97 rate.

Asana include headstand (if appropriate for you), vajrasana (kneeling upright), and savasana (laying prone, my favorite). Of course, any breath-based, mindful asana practice leads us to connection with ourselves, others and the Divine.

I would love to hear about your experiences with the cakras below.