Humans are meant to connect. Some of us need more connection than others. I would say even though I like my alone time, connecting to others is a priority and one I work regularly into my schedule.

With technology being what it is today, do you feel connected at a distance? I enjoy snapchatting with my son and FBing with friends and family, yet nothing beats face-to-face contact. It used to be phone calls were a good replacement and yes we have video calls, facetime and skype, which is a bit better than a phone call.

Again, are we more or less connected today than we were let’s say 10 years ago? I often ask myself this question. Age and being more comfortable with myself has given me the space to spend more time alone. When I choose to connect now, it is just that, a choice. 

There are still those coincidental meetings in the store or farmer’s market.

How do you choose to connect today? Is it different for millennials? I find the college students I work with much prefer a text or email over a phone call. My teens prefer snapping and texting over calls.

I also need connection to nature and to Spirit. These connections need to be scheduled in as well. 

Interestingly I have chosen to live with some people who need less connection. If you are a talker, do you chose quieter people to hang with? 

Sometimes I feel as if I could hide behind a text. How about you? Sometimes it’s easier and more timely to send a text or email. But, hiding?? Yes.

So connecting is what my life is about whether it’s through teaching, writing, tea-time, technology, a walk in nature, whatever. I need to connect. 

I’d love to hear about ways you connect.

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