I remember this skit with Abbot and Costello from a happy place yet I feel as like it’s happening in REAL life.

A tumultuous time it is…

There are endings and beginnings; there are upheavals and excavations. 

Judgment withheld for a moment. 

Is this a comedy? Is this our reality? WTF.

I sit in a place of peace for a moment and reckon with the emotions that sweep through my body attempting to pull me from the Earth, the planet I call home. Truly our Great Mother. 

I refuse to be uprooted. 

I continue to strengthen my connections to Earth, to people, to ideas and principles that I know in a deep place are right and good. 

All people, yes, all people and beings are significant and needed here and now.

How can we take care of ourselves during these times?

·      Find the things we can be grateful in our lives—family, jobs, food, shelter, smiles.

·      Take care of your physical body – take baths, oil your body, eat foods that make you feel alive, sleep.

·      Spend time with family and friends, people who fill you.

·      Volunteer or give money or services to organizations that you believe in.

·      Ask for support.

·      Make art, music, write.

·      Speak up. Share you point of view.

·      Take steps that help no matter how small.

Judgment returns. Grief. Clarity. Truth needed.

While I believe in the democratic process, I am distraught as to what has happened to our political system. Republican, Democrat, Independent or Undeclared, we are all living beings with hearts and families. 

What does this have to do with yoga? Well, everything in my life. Yoga is a lifestyle, my lifestyle. Yoga is a way of being. 

I can be peaceful and patient, yet sometimes being actively involved is needed, stepping up.

While I am not going to Standing Rock, I support the people that do. I vote. I speak. I share. I volunteer and give when I can.

I believe in having different points of view and agreeing to disagree.

What do you believe in? What can you do to make a difference? Together we can create change.