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Abhyanga, or self-massage, is one of the most grounding practices we can do especially in the dry winter months. It’s important to use an oil that’s warming for the cool months unless of course you are in a warmer climate. I like unrefined organic sesame oil or mahanaranya oil for the winter. They are perfect for my Kapha Dosha. Not sure about your dosha, take Banyan’s ayurvedic dosha quiz.

I like to do some dry brushing before applying oil. Heat the the oil in warm water and apply in long strokes on the long bones towards the heart and in a circular motion around the joints. Let the oil absorb into the skin and then shower without using soap. I have a separate towel I use. Be sure to be careful in the bath or shower. Oil is slippery.

This is a great little video from Banyan Botanicals on how to do abhyanga or self-massage with warm oil. Enjoy.


Let me know if you have any questions.