The same way that we wouldn’t leave our cars, bathrooms, or hair left without ever cleaning them, we need to cleanse our bodies from the inside out sometimes. And, yes, our body has natural ways of detoxifying itself. Much of what we do in life though overtaxes our natural systems. I see cleansing as a way to boost our innate cleansing abilities as well as an opportunity for extreme self-care and rejuvenation.

We can do this in a variety of ways. For me the best way has been with whole foods, local and organic foods when possible, and with lesser amounts than I usually eat. I also use this time to disconnect from electronics, habits gone astray and to re-set how I want to care for my body, mind and spirit. Interesting to note that as I reset my routines, all of my life is affected in a positive way as well.

Why might you want to do a cleanse?

Because there’s pain in your body


Trouble sleeping

Your mind is cloudy

Irregular bowel movements

Achy joints and muscles

Foul body, feces and/or urine odors

To change your habits and routines

To feel better

Even though many of us eat well regularly, we still build up ama (pronounced aa-ma), toxins, because of our environment, the air we breathe, sights, sounds, emotions, interactions with others, stress, food by-products, pesticides and the work the body has to do all the time to digest and process our food. Eating and drinking things that are hard for our body type to process, things we’re allergic to, and all the things we do that aren’t in our highest good.

What are some of the benefits?

To feel better, lighter and clearer

To sleep better and more deeply

To release toxin build up, excess weight and stress

To soothe your nervous system

To give your digestive system a break

To clear away clutter in the body, mind, home and life

To invest time, planning and positive thoughts into our lives

These benefits and more are yours for the taking if you do healthy cleansing regularly. I like to cleanse for a longer period, 1-3 weeks, twice a year and then for shorter periods, a day, weekly.

There are many types of cleanses. It’s important to find the right one for you. Questions? Comment below or shoot me an email.

Happy Spring! Happy Cleansing!