There are many aspects to ordering our lives:

  •             Body paying attention to what goes in and what comes out
  •             Boundaries—with all the topics listed
  •             Business including money, systems
  •             Electronics phone apps, computer documents, and programs
  •             Energy—how you use your energy
  •             Family—immediate and extended
  •             House including each room and cabinet, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics, books
  •             Lifestyle—how you choose to live
  •             Joy—what brings you joy
  •             Relationships—who do you want to spend time with

I realize that this is a long list and you don’t have to do it all at once. Choose the area that is causing you the most stress and start there. I often say small changes over time create the deepest and most lasting results.

A few years back, I was at a women’s networking event. The woman sitting next to me said, “I help people get their shit together.” I immediately thought I need this person in my life, and she has been in my life ever since. She has helped me organize my business, my money, and my mindset.

I have followed an Ayurvedic lifestyle for many years now and part of my process is whole foods cleansing in the spring and fall. I have had the honor of guiding many people through this process. What we take in is as important as what we release. High-quality food, water, air, media, people all influence how we feel.

This time in self-quarantine has been challenging and wonderful at the same time. Looking at how I am in life, in a relationship, in business, and on the planet, has been eye-opening. It is an act of self-love to CHOOSE who and what is in my life.

Take a moment to look at your life. What area do you want to tackle first?

And then begin one step at a time.

If you’d like some assistance, my dear friend and colleague is offering a Psychic Spring Cleaning. You can get more information here.