Why Pelvic Care?

Why Pelvic Care?

There are many yogic practices that have been useful in relaxing and/or strengthening the core muscles, which include the pelvic floor.

Breathing Lessons

Breath is Life-giving, Life-affirming, and Soothing to the Soul.  From the moment we are born, we breathe. If we do not, we do not live. In the last 6 months, yes, 6 months, we have been faced with a virus that attacks are life-affirming birthright-to breathe. During...

Avoid These Common Stressors as You Age

Avoid these common Stressors as You Age Guest Blogger Kent Elliot Growing older presents a new set of common stressors to face when it comes to health and aging. From losing strength and balance to depleted vitamins and minerals, there are a few ways you can avoid or...

Black Lives Matter

  I grew up in a small, rural town in Connecticut and didn't really know anything about racism, yet it was all around me. In my first teaching job, in a large inner-city, the principal told me that if I could teach there, I could teach anywhere. Those were some...

Self-Love: Getting your Life in Order

There are many aspects to ordering our lives:             Body paying attention to what goes in and what comes out             Boundaries—with all the topics listed             Business including money, systems             Electronics phone apps, computer documents,...

Being aware of the Gunas: Ways to Stay Grounded

“We can only birth a new reality if we are grounded in the physical.” Maya Cointreau In the last couple of months I have heard from family members, friends and clients that they either can’t get anything done—they are unfocused and lethargic or that they’re fidgeting,...

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