Some of my favorite jewels

One of the important things we learn early in life is to not take things that don’t belong to us. 

I remember taking a package of Sugar Babies from the drug store when I was little–maybe 5 years old. When we got out to the pick up, my step-father asked me where they came from and I told him. There was some part of me that knew I shouldn’t have taken them, but i really wanted them. I’ve had a sweet tooth since I can remember. He made me return them and pay for them out of my very small stash of cash. I’ll never forget it!

Asteya means non-stealing and that is the third principle presented by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra 2.37 अस्तेय प्रतिस्थायं सर्वरत्न उपस्थानं asteya pratisthayam sarvaratna upasthanam. “When we are firmly established in asteya (non-stealing, truthfulness), people will trust us and all jewels [jewels of character as well as valuables] stay near.” When I am honest and think and act in a way that I use material and intellectual things that only belong to me, an abundance of riches (material and spiritual) are drawn to me. Give credit for using someone’s photos, ideas, materials and information and you will have all that you need. 

Charlotte Bell refers to this Sutra as “practicing abundance” in her book, “Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life.” When we think and act correctly, good things come to us.

Today we can access tons of data and information. Personally, I find it challenging knowing where I have acquired all the information I have in my head. The translation for this yoga sutra came from a workshop I did with Kausthub Desikachar years ago and can be found on the internet and in various books by various authors. Who gets credit for it? Is there an agreement that says we can use the material? 

Once we post something on our blog does anyone have the right to claim the information? This is a great article by Lisa Barone on, How Not to Get Sued for Stealing Content on the Internet. Read More. I am happy to share information with people, which is the main reason that I blog; I would like to receive credit for how I put my information together. I do my best to give credit when I know the source. Of course, you can get expelled from school for plagiarism and get sued for stealing content.

It’s easy to be cash-register honest. Ideas are a bit different especially when brainstorming in a group or when that synchronicity around the planet of people getting the same ideas at the same time.

There is the concept of intent here. What was your intention when you were “borrowing” what ever wasn’t yours? When I was a waitress while attending college, I filed my taxes incorrectly. I received a bill from the IRS 3 years later with some big fines. When I called them, I was told by a not very nice man that “ignorance is not a good enough reason for not paying your taxes.” I was not very happy. Lesson learned though, I look things up about taxes and other items I don’t know about now.

So–long story short, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours. We can share as we like and we can ask permission. When we are clear and honest with our stuff, abundance flows to us–whether it be love, money, ideas, or jewels.