Have you ever had writer’s block or had difficulty coming up with ideas? How are your relationships? Are you plagued by addiction? These are some things that can be affected when our energy flow to and through svadhisthana cakra (pronounced swadestana chakra) is blocked or not flowing to its potential.

Svadhisthana cakra sets four fingers below the navel. Its English translation is the seat of the self. It sets only 2 fingers above the muladhara cakra and they are closely related.

Some connections to svadhisthana:

Biij (seed) sound: VAM

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Sense: Taste

Mudra: Dhyana Mudra- with hands on lap and palms facing upwards, place left hand on top of right hand with the tips of the thumbs gently touching. This is meant to be a receiving gesture.


This cakra controls our sexual organs-testes and ovaries and their hormones-and influences our sexuality, relationships and all aspects of our creativity and creation. When our energy is moving naturally, we connect with others and are able to create and procreate as needed.

When the flow is blocked, we may have lower back pain, kidney and urinary issues, challenges around sensuality, creativity, sexuality, and self-acceptance. Emotions may be repressed or they may run amuck. Addictions to food and other substances are ruled by this cakra as well.

To UNLOCK your creative try some creative movement such as dance. Movement and play as well as connection to water and the moon are supportive for this energy center. Whenever we cook, garden, connect with people, and play we are using our creative. 

Other things that unblock svadhisthana are drinking lots of clean water, eating well especially with a focus on orange vegetables like squash, sweet potatoes, oranges, and carrots.

A wonderful breathing process to connect to svadhisthana, the moon, and our creative is to gently close the right nostril and breathe through the left nostril for 6-12 breaths. This is also a very soothing and relaxing breath. Be sure to not squeeze the nose tightly or breathe forcefully. 

My favorite pose to support this cakra is Supta Salamba Baddha Konasana with the hands placed on the lower abdomen, silently chanting VAM with the eyes closed.

baddha konasana

Candra Namaskar (moon salutation) is also a wonderfully supportive practice. 



I’d love to hear about your experiences and other things you do to UNLOCK your creative.

Photo Credits: Ethan Eng-Tow, Jacqueline Morasco and