Throughout life, I have participated and observed the dance. The dance with people the dance with money, the dance with energy.

Some dances start off slowly while we learn intricate steps and turns. Some dances flow and move with the beat no lessons are needed; it’s a matter of feeling and moving. Some dances set somewhere in between where there are only a few steps to learn and they are repeated over and over.

Relationships are similar in the way the deeper the relationship, the more layers we move through, the more vulnerable we are, the more challenging it may be. There are those relationships that are with us for a short time and require input then they dissipate and we move on. Some relationships are give and take and flow easily; nothing is lost or gained. We are who we are always in that relationship and it’s easy. 

Energy flows in the same way. It’s everywhere and always moving. It flows. When energy is blocked or stuck, there’s discomfort or disease. When we chase after love, money or energy, they tend to back off or run away. When we do the footwork and take care of ourselves and our own lives, they come to us. 

Not to make it all sound like a game because it’s not. It’s a flow.

Being the outspoken one and teacher that I am, there have been so many times I have tried to force things to emerge, students to shine, partners to respond. Experience shows me that it doesn’t work like that.

Yoga, teaching, business, parenting, love, energy, they are all the same. They need space and time.

Creating a new business has taught me that lesson once more. I cannot force things. I cannot make people do what I think is best for them.  You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink.

As I’ve stated many times, intention is everything, yet there’s this piece we don’t often talk about. It’s doing the footwork, taking care of our side of the street, and going with the flow. So the next time you’re trying to force a relationship, a new habit, create money or whatever, look at what you can do. What’s you’re part in the situation? What part do you need to let go of?

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How’s your flow?