Pear Blossoms

Coming out of our winter funk is always a bit of a challenge. Many of us notice our Spring clothes are a bit tighter, our movements slower and our food does not support the warmer weather.

3 Ways to Put Some SPRING into Your Yoga Practice:

1. Start moving more. Whether you are walking, biking, swimming, or adding some more rigor to your yoga practice, now is the time. The human body was meant to move. Many of us have sedentary lives. Small amounts of regular, gentle exercise is best. You might check out my 7-minute video to get your blood pumping.

2. Start to lighten up your diet. Notice which foods you are attracted to. This is the time to do a Spring cleanse, eat raw fruit and vegetables, and let go of the foods that weigh you down literally and figuratively. Check out my post on Eating Clean for more ideas.

3. Take up a breathing practice or grow the one you are working on. You might add pranayama (breath work) into your asana practice. I suggest Ujjayi (oo ji e) breathing, which is energizing and a bit warming. 

Start by placing your hand in front of your mouth.
Breathe into your palm as if you’re fogging a mirror. Now, take your hand away and continue to breathe in that manner. You can begin by using Ujjayi on your exhale and then add in the inhale as you feel more comfortable. As with any yogic practice, it is best to receive instruction from a certified instructor.

A breathing practice can also be developed through chanting. You might work with a mantra (usually we get these from a teacher), but you can use one you resonate with from reputable source. You might start with the sound Om or another favorite of mine is the sound Ah. See which feels best in your body and mind. 

Either of these practices will help to lengthen your breath and increase your energy level.

You might consider checking out my Whole Foods Cleanse, Wake Up From Winter with me starting April 1st from anywhere on the planet.

I’d love to hear how you do with any of these practices.
#Happy Spring!