“We can only birth a new reality if we are grounded in the physical.” Maya Cointreau

In the last couple of months I have heard from family members, friends and clients that they either can’t get anything done—they are unfocused and lethargic or that they’re fidgeting, anxious and scared.

These are signs that they are either too grounded or not grounded enough. Hence this post.

In yogic philosophy, we learn about the gunas, the fundamental qualities that make up the Universe. There are three gunas: sattva (balanced, constructive), tamas (heavy, destructive, stagnant), and rajas (overactive, confused, chaotic). The first group I describe would fall into the tamas category and the second group, rajas. Be grounded would fall into the sattvic category. Being sattvic is how I feel after teaching or doing a yoga class, comfortable, blissed-out, focused.

Today we’ll discuss the ungrounded or rajas type.

What does it mean to be grounded?

When you are grounded, you feel comfortable in your skin, balanced, and ready to handle what is ahead of you. You are calm and focused. You are able to do what you have scheduled for the day. (sattvic)

Why is it important to be grounded?

It is important to be grounded most of the time and especially at a time when things are uncertain in your life and on the planet.

How do you know when you’re not grounded?

You might feel:

            Overwhelmed, stressed

            Anxious or agitated


            Fearful when there’s no present danger

            Scattered and un-focused

            Flighty or spacey



Ways to get and stay grounded.

-walk in nature (barefoot if possible)

-eat nourishing foods and clean water

-avoid intoxicating substances

-sleep enough, yet not too much

-move your body (yoga, dance, walk, whatever you’re called to do)

-connect with someone you can be yourself with

-prayer, meditation

-being in the present moment, mindfulness

-sound, chanting om or any vowel sound

-rooting down into the ground (visualizing) through your feet or root cakra

-take 3 deep full breaths, do this often

-find a soothing scent-citrus, earthy smell, flowers, see what works for you.

-wear earth-toned, comfortable, breathable clothing

It’s important to know your personal signs that you are not grounded and to take action immediately. Train your brain to know what to do. I’m feeling a bit anxious, so I take a deep breath. I am going into an uncomfortable situation, I prepare ahead of time—move, breathe, eat, pray, chant. 

It might sound like these are self-care habits, and they are. They are also ways to connect to our body, mind, and Spirit and to be connected to the Earth.

Making self-care a priority in your life is imperative. Let me know what works for you!