You start with something soft and tender

Poke it with a stick

Let it fester

Tell her it doesn’t matter

Ignore it—as if it’s not there

Leave it as if it doesn’t matter

When you come back, it’s healed yet the infection is stuck under the skin

No one knows how deep it is–the havoc it’s going to create

It no longer hurts, yet it’s still there affecting everything that something thinks, does and is

-Jacqueline Morasco

With everything that has been coming up for me over the last couple of years, I felt like it was time to share my feelings about #MeToo.

Above is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. “Splinter” describes how I felt and feel about things that happened throughout my life in regards to sexual assault and abuse that occurred at various times, various ages and in a variety of environments.

I’ve shared my personal experiences in therapy and with close friends and feel okay with where I am. I don’t feel the need to name names or give explicit details.

Much of my healing has been through learning and exploration. Yoga and meditation allowed space for me to live in my body. Art gave voice to parts that had no words. Chanting soothed my soul.

It’s important to note though that even though we heal and forgive, we remember and feel deeply. Different things bring up details of events, words, and feelings. Sometimes memories come back when you least expect them; sometimes it’s only bits and pieces.

We are changed forever. Our lives are colored by all of our experiences—the good, the bad and the ugly.

I invite anyone who has an experience to share with someone that you trust and to find solace in a creative expression of your choice—words, art, movement, music, song, and any other outlet that allows you to let go of even a little bit of the discomfort.

Feel free to post comments, feelings, pictures or anything else that you want to share.