One of the things I’ve focused on as I’ve been on my journey is changing my brain. When I was first in recovery, I remember people warning me that my brain was being washed. Truth be told, I needed some brainwashing since I had been pickled in alcohol and riddled with self-loathing and a lack of confidence among other things.

Besides using yogic practices, which by the way are amazing wonderful at creating change in your brain and your life, there are some simple things you can do to assist your brain.

I came across this article posted by Sounds True and created a little summary for you. I also linked the article for those of you who want to read the whole piece.

“5 Ways to Create Change in the Brain”

1. Gratitude – A daily gratitude practice, being grateful for what is in the moment. Be sure to check out my Gratitude Challenge in November.

2. Brain Nutrition – stay hydrated, eat healthy fats, a daily meditation practice

3. Daily Shaking Practice – literally shake your hands, arms, legs, whole body to release stress

4. Tapping with your non-dominant hand – anchor in a new behavior-tap a body part with your non-dominant hand when you are doing the new behavior

5. Daily Novelty Practices  – change your patterns- scrape tongue before brushing, visualize something you’ve never known before

I’ve learned through experience and research that small changes over time, create lasting change so give it a try.

I know it may sound simplistic, yet that’s what I love about it. Many of the practices yogic or otherwise are easy. The catch is that you have to do them.

If you’re curious about changing your brain through yogic practices, check out some of my old posts or schedule a time to chat.

I’d love to hear what you think about it.